gut and psychology syndrome (gaps)

The gut microbiome plays an important role in human health and scientists are finding out more about the importance of this ‘organ’.  The gut microbiome plays a large role in the human physiology and pathology (Changing Habits, 2015).  Voreades et al. (2014) stated that the absence of robust microbiome result in defects within development and regulation of the immune system.  Therefore, individuals with poor gut microbiomes will experience issues with immune function, food metabolism, intestinal integrity, and brain function (Changing Habits, 2015).  On the other hand individuals with a healthy gut microbiome will experience optimal health. 

Individuals who have GAPS experience a vast array of health problems such as diabetes, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, over weight and/or underweight, schizophrenia, bi polar, irritable bowel, autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, fussy eaters, dyspraxia, high cholesterol, thyroid issues, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, angina, chrons, FPIES, eczema, asthma, cystitis, eating disorders, celiac disease, constipation, diarrhoea, learning difficulties, social problems, eating disorders, obssessive compulsive disorders, substance abuse, and so on. 

In a nutshell, all illness occurs because of our gut health. To heal the gut we must take steps to heal and seal the gut lining. The aim is to change the environment of our gut so good bacteria outweigh the bad bacteria. GAPS protocol enables this to occur.  Adopting the protocol and working with the practitioner enables individuals to gain a deep understanding of what is happening for them. 

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gaps consultancy

Many people arriving at GAPS for the first time may feel overwhelmed with how to get started or wonder how they will possibly apply the program for fussy eaters.  Most often people discover the GAPS Protocol after already exhausting their resources with different diets or commercial mainstream approaches to relieve and manage their condition.  If you are ready to make a life changing decision for your health (or your child’s health) and are prepared to apply a full commitment to the GAPS Program, then Elspeth Haswell-Smith ‘Certified GAPS Practitioner’ can assist you.

The initial consultation will take a few hours, I take a thorough history of your symptoms and explore how they are specifically related to Gut and Psychology Syndrome to design appropriate steps for diet intervention. With a full comprehensive GAPS Orientation, you will gain a better understanding of the GAPS three part protocol, where to access GAPS food and resources, how to prepare and plan GAPS staple food prior to starting the program and what you will expect to experience during the program. Homework tasks will be set at this consultation so that appropriate food preparation and supplies are in good order before the second consultation where plans will be discussed for diet implementation.

The initial consultation includes

·      Welcome pack

·      A written report sent to you within 2 weeks of the consult

·      Gut and Psychology Syndrome book

·      Thorough health assessment

The consult is a minimum of 2 hours charged at $240.00, if the consult runs over time each 30 minutes thereafter is charged at $60.00.

Follow Up Consultation

In this session I will ensure that you have successfully prepared the foods and resources required to start the diet and discuss your individual intervention strategies and modifications required to implement the diet according to your needs. You will effectively learn how to travel through each stage of the diet, how to manage your symptoms and when to move from one stage to the next. Materials include a Nutrition Intervention Plan to help you navigate your GAPS Journey.

This consultation is a minimum of 1 hour charged at $120.00, if the consult runs over time each 30 minutes thereafter is charged at $60.00.

Subsequent Consultations are charged at $60 per half hour or $120 per hour.


Please note I offer email support between sessions.