Changing Habits 6-Week Introduction Program



6 Weekly Workshops every Monday evening from 6pm at 18 Hill Street Toowoomba.

This program will empower you with the knowledge and practical take-away actions to enable you to become a healthier, vibrant, educated YOU! It will create a solid foundation for abundant health, energy, mood and clarity. This course will change lives, give you the capacity to create a ripple effect in your own family and community, and raise the standard of health and wellness to a whole new normal! By the end of the course you will have the knowledge to make great, educated decisions about your health and wellness, and the food you put in your body. You will have the confidence to take back control of your health again and have fun doing it!


It will provide you the support in a group environment of like-minded people to learn:

    How to understand labels and know what's in the food you're buying

    The hidden traps at the supermarket

    How food affects your mood and sleep

    What nutritional support, minerals and vitamins your body is missing

    How to create a lifestyle that supports health

    How to track your daily progress

    The ability to meal plan, use healthy recipes and create shopping lists

    How to make better skin care choices

    How to cook healthy food with cooking demonstrations and tastings each week

    What happens to your pantry when you make these lifestyle changes and how to detox the pantry


         WEEK 1

-       Support around creating the ultimate life that you want

-       Tools to help you make the vision of your ultimate life become reality

-       Guidance around changing your mindset or relationship towards food and understanding how these changes will impact your health

-       Cooking demonstration to show you how to get more nutrients into your daily life



-       Understanding a cluttered home can affect your life both physically and emotionally

-       Support to detox your pantry of those now unwanted items and giving it a spring clean and re-stock

-       Learn the in’s and out’s of food labelling and the hidden traps

-       Cooking demonstration to create a healthy alternative to a warm nourishing drink that everyone loves



-       Learn how to start your day in the best possible way to support your ultimate life of health and wellbeing

-       Understanding the evolution of food

-       How to support your healthy lifestyle with easy ideas for creating breakfast and lunch

-       Cooking demonstration for a healthy and yummy breakfast alternative

       WEEK 4

-       What cooking techniques do we use regularly in our home and how does it change the foods we eat

-       Tools to help you be create amazing lunch and dinner meals and setting yourself up for a dinner ritual

-       What do you do when you want to eat out?

-       Snack inspiration for you to create when you are a bit peckish

-       Cooking demonstration and taste testing on a great healthy alternative snack


        WEEK 5

-       How does water and the quality of water affect our health

-        How do common beverages that we consume affect our mood, sleep and our overall health

-       What foods affect our moods and how

-        How to support your health with alternative supplements

-       Cooking demonstration for a fresh look at an old favourite


         WEEK 6

-       How the sun actually affects our health and how it affects our daily routines

-       What does technology do to our bodies and how we can regulate it

-       Our skin is one of our major organs, how does what we put on our skin affect us

-       What does daily movement do for our mind, body and wellness

-       Cooking demonstration and celebration for a great 6 WEEKS being completed



-       Exclusive access to Elspeth in a group environment for her to share her extensive knowledge of the gut and brain connection

-       Microbirth Screening

-       Fermentation Basics

-       What’s with Wheat Screening

-       Skincare & Makeup Workshop


The investment in this program is $297 which is $49.50 per week for two hours of personalised life changing information that will create outstanding health and vitality; cooking demonstrations and accountability, motivation, inspiration and most importantly lots of fun! 


BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - Numbers are limited


Other pricing options available with HUGE savings of up to $100 per person:

-       Change your Life for $297 (1 Person)

-       Bring a Friend for $498 (2 People)

-       Make Real Change for $985 (5 people)


To secure your spot click “SECURE YOUR SPOT” or for further information contact


If you would like me to run this program in your area, please contact me for dates and minimum number requirements.