Lets Get Empowered!

I don’t often write responses to posts that come to my attention on Facebook however this one has highlighted a significant journey that I have been on and I feel its timely to share.  My journey has completely set me free of generational legacies and beliefs and has elicited an incredible awakening that now allows me to live without fear, self doubt, self loathing, and limiting beliefs. 

 I invite you to read the post I am responding to and for which I am providing an alternative. An alternative that is a journey to self-discovery, an acknowledgement of generational legacies and facing our deepest fears.


I feel this post ignites fear in people, fear that creates reactions that paralyse us and provides an environment that allows us to take no responsibility for our health, environment and community. 

Many years ago I would have agreed with this statement- that there was nothing I could do to prevent my ‘poison’ from biting me in the butt. That mental health issues are part of my DNA and genetic make up. That weight and distorted eating patterns were because of my parents beliefs around food. That I am the ‘black sheep’ of the family and am continually mentioned at every family gathering, just to remind me that I can never be too successful.  The beliefs and generational legacies go on, however I am only mentioning a few. I was resided to the fact that I was doomed to live this fate and I just had to make the best with what I got.  To live healthily I listened to the doctors, took my medication and went to therapy. I lost weight the conventional way and had to ‘accept’ the cards I was dealt with in life. 

Now, after years of study, researching, exploring and talking with experts, I teach people to listen to their bodies, understand their generational legacies, explore what food feeds their soul, take charge of their environment and be aware of knowing. 

The beautiful woman in this story did everything she was told by the doctors to stay healthy and not get ill. She worked tirelessly to do so.  The bacon eating man lived a life that some would perceive to be ‘unhealthy’ however if we knew more perhaps he was listening to his body, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and not stressing his body with the fear he would become ill. 

The message I have is that we have the answers within us, we have the ability to listen to our bodies and understand our environment. Unpacking our legacies, beliefs and truths can set us free to enable us to live life at our fullest potential.

It’s so fascinating- we will vibrate in accordance to our beliefs, silently manifesting and maintaining the ailments we subconsciously believe belong to us, unless we change that vibrational frequency and let it all go. Unless we surrender to good health. Change the subconscious mind. These limiting beliefs serve us to protect, include and feel part of the 'pack'. its a knee jerk reaction to being lonely, rejected etc.... 

She has her beliefs as they keep her safe and she only knows what she knows. She doesn't know what she doesn't know. My message is for those that are ready and you will understand when what is working for you isn’t actually working. 

In health and happiness