Back to School 2016

As I am busily preparing my children to head back to school I am feeling that change is in the wind. A little like the cool air changing as we head into the cooler months. The innate knowing of this change comes with great joy, sadness and loss. My babies are growing up and my oldest is heading to boarding school. I wish to clarify that she has chosen to go to boarding school and is so excited about the opportunity she has in front of her. I enjoy the excitement and enthusiasm she holds and what could come from this adventure she is about to embark on. 

My baby is becoming a young woman, she is incredible and has the world at her feet, she only needs to believe in her capabilities. My son is heading into year 5 and my aim this year is to build a go kart with him, push through my own limiting beliefs that 'I cant possibly build a go kart' to the 'Hell Yeah I am giving this a go!'..... Watch this space!

Amidst these feelings I got to cook up a back to school storm and would love to share one of my many recipes I have coming up for you all! 

Cinnamon and Plum Roll Ups

500g Plums (approx. 7)

3 drops Twenty8 Cinnamon Bark Oil

Remove seeds from plums and place into the food processor or Thermomix. Process on high until pureed, add in oil and combine. Spread mixture evenly over the Ultraflexx Excalibur Tray and place into dehydrator. Turn onto 135 degrees and check every few hours. It is ready when you can peel off the mat and its not too soft or crunchy. 

Cinnamon and Plum Roll Up