Back to School Lunch Box Series- Poppers and Juice

Apple and Blackcurrant

INGREDIENTS: Water, Reconstituted Juices (Apple 29%, Blackcurrant 1%), Sugar, Food Acid (Citric Acid), Natural Colours (163), Natural Flavours, Preservatives (202 or 211, 223)

PRICE: $0.76c each

The low down on ingredients - 

Water - This is the first listed ingredient and makes up over 50% of the overall juice. 

Reconstituted Juices (Apple 29%, Blackcurrant 1%) - Reconstituted Juice is fruit concentrate and highly processed. Companies like to use it for ease of transport and is profitable. The manufacturing process destroys useful enzymes and Vitamin C during the process of eliminating water content. In addition to keep the product form spoiling preservatives such as sodium benzoate (211) is added. Sodium Benzoate (211)  is known to cause sore throats, carcinogenic, asthma, behavioural problems, headaches, skin irritation and so much more. 

Sugar - White processed sugar causes inflammation to the body resulting in ill-health. White sugar also depletes our body of nutrients such as Vitamin B's, Magnesium, Calcium and so forth. In addition sugar promotes fattening of the body, weakens the immune system, leads to diabetes. Eating sugar creates fatigue, mind fog, unstable blood sugar levels, memory loss, depression, aggitation and inability to concentrate, skin problems and so much more! 

Food Acid (Citric Acid) - Citric acid can naturally occur in fruits especially lemons and limes. The natural version creates the sour taste in fruit. However due the the expense of naturally occuring citric acid scientists began to isolate the acid and create a dry chemical replication. It is now used in confections and soft drinks (as a flavouring agent), in metal-cleaning compositions, and in improving the stability of foods and other organic substances (by suppressing the deleterious action of dissolved metal salts).Can be sourced from GM corn. Food Acid may cause irritation to the gut, heartburn, itchy eyes, allergies, can damage teeth. 

Natural Colours (163) - This 'natural' colour crates the violet look of the drink. Concentrated natural colours are high in amines, salicylates and glutamates which young infants should avoide. Its important to understand that natural colours are still produced in labs. A great youtube clip is  

Natural Flavours - Please watch this youtube clip Its a concern that these 'Natural' flavours are not specified and we still do not know where the 'natural' flavour is coming from.

Preservatives (202 or 211, 223) - All of these preservatives have been linked to hyperactivity, headaches, skin irritations, headaches, stomach upset, asthma, kidney and immunotoxicity. It is best to avoid these chemicals for optimal health


So what are the options?  Look for a juice with no numbers and is freshly squeezed! An amazingly cheap alternative is WATER!!! Buy your child a fantastic water bottle and provide clean, filtered water.