What I learnt from the Changing Habits Course


Changing Habits Online Nutrition Course

Perhaps some of you know that I am now ‘famously’ known for being Cyndi’s first graduate from the Changing Habits Online Nutrition Course! I wrote a blog for Cyndi that can be found here, which talks about my journey.

However I would like to elaborate on the Changing Habits Online Nutrition Course, as there is so much more to explain now that I have graduated to inform you of the entirety of the course.

The low down – There are 13 modules in the education course and then a business course follows on later.

The modules are built on a vitalistic approach toward health. The course begins with building the foundation of vitalism- what it means and how we view our bodies as a whole working machine, including the environment and culture we live in.

Cyndi’s passion of Anthropology, which I share and have a degree in, explores the historic nature of food, culture, food preparation and human evolution and adaptation. This enables us to get some ground roots in understanding how we foraged, hunted for food and the ways our bodies adapted and evolved over time. It then brings us into the forefront of the current climate we live in and how we need to be critically thinking about what is happening to us as a species. Our environment in the last 80 years has rapidally changed. We have never seen this rapid rate of change before and the illnesses we are experiencing are concerning.

The lessons then delve into auto immunity and immune dysfunction; exploring cholesterol and fats our body require to be nurtured; the role of sugar and the impact it has on our bodies; how salt has changed and the benefits of real salt and the iodine our bodies require.

In addition to this, the role of obesity was in society was explored and how 'calories in- calories out' is a fallacy. Obescity is a sign of ill health and inflammation in our body, not a mathematical equation. The course then continued on with hormonal health and the implications of hormonal imbalances.

Towards the end of the course the modules were based on lifestyle balance, environment, and the microbiome.

The course offers a wealth of information with webinars, facebook pages, online discussion forums, videos, scientific readings and module books. The Changing Habits Education staff are efficient, and ready and willing to answer any questions. The professionalism has shone through with the newly international accreditation, International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC)

I recently attended the inaugural graduation and have come away absolutely impressed. The ongoing education and support is astounding and for the investment of the course I believe it is only the beginning of a long journey with Changing Habits. Cyndi and her team have certainly created a education program that is ongoing and not a one-stop-shop. I have always continued on with my university studies and am heading into my PHD next year. I have also completed a New York based Health Coaching Course and, trust me, when you graduate there is no more support, no ongoing education, business support or yearly gatherings.

With Changing Habits there is ongoing training, updating skills, an amazing tribe of like-minded souls. This is a super exciting time and Australia is yet to experience the amazing change we will see in the health and wellbeing arena.

I have had many people call me and email to discuss courses and where they want to head, so I encourage you to do the same. Say hello and ask me questions!

Changing Habits has a special sign on promotion between now and 16 June 2016, whereby you will receive a massive $700 worth of Changing Habits products.  Sample a lesson via the link below and you will also be invited to attend a live Q & A with Cyndi O'Meara and Jodi Nolan giving an overview of the course and answering any of your questions.