Colon Hydrotherapy with Jo Pukallus

What is Colon Hydrotherapy and WHY did you study it?? These are some of the questions I get asked regularly Why would you want to (lets just get the work out of the way) work with poo?? I know if you had of told me at my high school careers evening I could be a Colon Hydrotherapist I’d have gasped most likely in horror, after all it’s a subject that is rarely broached. So my answer is that it was purely out of a health journey that has taken me from a love of science- especially anatomy and physiology- to leaving my office job and becoming a remedial massage therapist.

During my whole married life of 14 years I struggled with health issues mainly to do with infertility, which in itself is a silent pain that is a cruel reality for many couples. After about 8 years of our infertility journey (which I wouldn’t change for the world as it made me research and learn so much) I found out I was pregnant. My miracle baby is now 2 and I am a toilet training mum appreciating every second. Just after my son was born I developed psoriasis on my hands and feet. Which at it’s worst meant the skin on my hands and feet would be inflamed and so dry it would split quite deep and bleed. Not a fun reality for a new mum who was looking to return to her love of massage therapy. On my 1 only visit to a dermatologist he laid out my options pretty brutally which was: a. Naturally with sunlight or b. Medically with a Mild Chemotherapy drug. As it turns out my amazing friend and Kinesiologist, who had introduced me to Donna Gates and Body Ecology many years prior, had just studied and started Colon Hydrotherapy. Colonics wasn’t new to me as I’d had them in my early 20’s but it was a 4hr drive to the Sunshine coast so I wasn’t having very many. It was after my 2nd or 3rd session where this fog in my brain lifted which was like my body and brain reconnecting that I just new 200% this is what I wanted, and was meant, to do. The doors flung open and before I knew it I was studying this amazing therapy and I’d imported a Device from the USA, the rest is history. My Psoriosis saw improvements within 2 weeks where the inflammation spread stopped immediately as did most of the splitting skin.

I am amazed everyday at the results my clients get and also how many people struggle with digestive related issues. In a nutshell Colon Hydrotherapy is just WATER introduced into your Colon to help eliminate built up toxins and hydrate your bowel, leaving you with a lovely glowing complexion, more energetic, lighter and clear headed. It isn’t a new therapy as it can be dated back to the Egyptians who would administer their royal enema with bamboo and hollowed out gourds eeek. Giving your digestive system some TLC and nourishment can help your body heal and thrive.