Simple Chicken Recipe

Simple Chicken

A quick, simple & cheap meal -

1 x Organic Chicken (this was a large chicken filled the slow cooker!) $24.46
2 x Zuchinnis (non organic) $1.50
5 cloves of Nicola Wisse garlic $0.25
Ginger (organic) $1.00
Chopped kale (organic) $2.00
Coriander (organic) $2.00
Lemongrass (non organic) - $2.50
Thai basil (non organic) - $2.50
Seaweed salt

TOTAL - $36.21

Chucked it all in and slow cook for 12 hours on low. This meal will last us for a few days and for $35.21 I feel thats affordable!
I used to get so caught up with 'perfection' of organics and things being so expensive. The less processed I purchase and complicated eating real simple whole foods is affordable smile emoticon