Bulletproof Brain Octane Starter Packs


Bulletproof Brain Octane Starter Packs

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Start your day with Bulletproof and super charge your output!

Great for weight loss, mental clarity, gut healing and a quick and easy solution to a fast nutritional breakfast.

The starter pack includes -

- Grass Fed Sol Ghee

- Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil - 18x Stronger than Coconut oil! (either 960ml large pack OR 473ml small pack)

- Grass fed Gelatin Hydrolysate

You can make your Bulletproof with Coffee, Matcha Green Tea, Crio Bru, Turmeric blends and so much more!

Here is a super easy recipe you can find at my YOUTUBE channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUD1E3LRlaA 

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