Pantry Makeover packs

It can be difficult to know where to begin when starting on this journey of better health and wellbeing. Which is why we've done the work for your and put together our pantry make-over so you can put your best foot forward, and fast!

pantry makeover Pack includes: 

Changing Habits: 

Changing Habits Recipe Book
Cacao Wafers 500g
Coconut Oil 500ml
Chia Seeds 1kg
Dates (Pitted) 1kg
Cinnamon Powder 100g
Emmer Wheat 1kg
Gelatin Powder 500g
Inca Inchi Oil 250g
Rapadura Sugar 1kg
Seaweed Salt 500g


Twenty8 (your choice of 2 of the following oils):


Kultured Wellness:

Kefir Cultures
Yoghurt Cultures


Coconut Cream
Coconut water

Multi-purpose Cleaning Spray


ultimate pantry makeover pack includes: 

Everything from the Pantry Makeover Pack as listed above

                                                     + In-home cooking class and a FREE Food For Life Recipe Book