Twenty8 Basil Pure Essential Oil 10ml


Twenty8 Basil Pure Essential Oil 10ml


Basil Pure Essential Oil

Basil - Ocimum Baslicum
Basil is an uplifting oil which has a clarifying effect on the brain, making it an amazing oil for mental fatigue. This is the oil to call on when you have paralysis by analysis and you need clarity and focus. It is the ideal 'study' and 'work' oil and combines powerfully with Rosemary and Lemon.

Twenty8 offers the finest, organic essential oils available on the planet today. Chosen for their exceptional therapeutic properties for use on the body, especially when incorporating the daily body boost ritual, these oils offer extensive benefits in all areas of one's life.

Their renowned psycho-aromatherapy characteristics also greatly enhance the way you think and feel within seconds. We proudly claim these oils to be the best you will ever find.

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Twenty8 is a Australian owned and operated company. The creator of Twenty8 is the beautiful Kim Morrison. Kim Morrison is a professional health and lifestyle educator with over twenty five years experience in the health, fitness and beauty industries. Kim developed her skills in aromatherapy alongside tactile therapies, homeobotanical therapy, fitness consulting and personal training.
With extensive research and dedication, she continues to create products that come under the 'ethically natural' category. She is passionate about affordable, natural, chemical-free products with high grade ingredients, that when combined - actually work!
It is her mission to see people acknowledge their strength and beauty, take responsibility for their health and wellbeing, constantly challenge their potential and take good care of themselves. And although she gets told everywhere she goes that the two biggest reasons why people don't take care of themselves is because of time and money she knows it is actually more about making yourself a priority. Twenty8 is your new professional reminder to do just that!